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Here's a tip...if you write a blog, and  you speak about your experiences with your child's school, know they are reading it. Seriously. Even if  you just think just your mom reads it, your kid's school has that thing bookmarked, and is passing it around. Trust me. It can come back to bite you, regardless of the fact you are just telling the truth, and venting frustrations. I had a blog I loved for a long time. I was 100% honest about our experiences, and shared them all, because isn't that what we are here for? To support one another, share what we are going through, build community? But, that honesty came at a price, and my children paid the price. In my wildest dreams, I wouldn't have thought my little blog could have such a big (negative) impact, but it did. 

Just a word of advice. 

ANYWAY, I have been blogging since my daughter was an infant, and can't give it up completely. So, here I am, starting a new. I am not happy about it, trust me, but it is what it is...

For those who don't know...

I am Jen, mother of two beautiful kids. My daughter is 10. We'll call her K. She is smart, snuggly, creative, and loves animals. She also happens to be Autistic, and Dyslexic. She currently attends a private day school for children on the spectrum, and is thriving!  My son, we'll call him B, is 7 . He wants to know everything about everything, talks non-stop, gives a new meaning to the word curious, is full of energy, and tackles me daily, telling me how much he loves me. He was recently diagnosed with Aspergers (and also Epilepsy, after 5 tonic/clonic seizures within 3 weeks time), but I know one day this kid will rule the world. 

When I was little, my grandfather used to sing to me, You Are My Sunshine (what grandparent didn't?). I also had an odd love of mustard sandwiches, which I blame on French's mustard, using the song for a commercial.

And thus, the name for my (new) blog. My children, despite and because of any challenges they face (and overcome!), will always be my sunshines.

I want to share our journey with you, and although I wish I didn't have to be  somewhat anonymous, I know it's for the best. Especially for the kids. I promise you there is a real, live mom on the other side of this blog, though, and I hope we can offer each other support, wisdom, advice, and anything else along the way. Being a special needs parent can feel lonely sometimes. Community is important. I hope to build one together, with you.


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