Monday, December 24, 2012

Sit Down In My Thinking Chair...

Recently, I was told that allowing my daughter to watch shows that aren't considered "age appropriate" contribute to her falling more and more behind her peers.

It wasn't said in an offensive way. It was very matter-of-fact. And it's not something I can deny.

Allowing K to watch endless episodes of Blues Clues, Diego, Wonderpets, does not help her find common ground with other girls her age. She does watch some age-appropriate shows on Netflix, but all they serve to do is give her lines (and attitudes) to script, so I actually prefer the "baby" shows.

Age-appropriateness is a struggle for many parents of children on the spectrum. I know there are some who don't believe in allowing their children to continue to play with, or watch, things that they should have been set aside years ago. I know therapists who feel this way, too.

But, does eliminating these things really cause children to suddenly catch up with their peers? If it did, I suppose we wouldn't be dealing with Autism, would we?

If I were to forbid K from watching Blues Clues, or playing with a "Little People" toy meant for a toddler (instead of, well, I don't really know what girls her age play with), it would only make her unhappy. It would definitely cause her already fragile self-esteem to plummet more. It would probably make her to withdraw, and thereby dismiss any ability to be social, at all.

We need to accept our children where they are, and realize the things we might not see as appropriate, are what comfort them in an ever changing, always confusing, world.

Even if it's this kid.(

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  1. So, so, so true. I still let Maya watch Dora, Blues Clues, etc. Her life is already so much of a challenge, this stuff makes her happy. That's way more important.