Friday, January 4, 2013


K's birthday is two weeks after Christmas. For any other kid, I am sure there would be a myriad of gifts Santa didn't bring to choose from.

Not so much with K.

I have barely finished patting myself on the back for figuring out things she'll actually use, and here I am thrown back into the lion's den.

So, I have decided that if one of something is good, two of something is even better.

One of the gifts K received was a Fijit. (Click on the link to see it in action)

She liked playing with it at the store, so I passed the idea on to a family member (yeah, that's another issue...coming up with gifts for everyone else to give her, too). I really had no idea if she'd actually play with it, but she loves it.


Anything interactive is usually a go. If a toy doesn't do something, it's going to disappear into toy oblivion. Even the Barbie K got for Christmas is a bath toy that has a light up tail.

Anyway, the Fijit she has now is the purple one. Clearly she needs a friend, so for K's birthday she will be getting a pink one (or whichever one she chooses when she goes shopping with Grampa).

Heck, I could just have everyone buy her one, and we could "collect them all"!

Which, actually, is not a bad idea.

It's like buying the same shirt in five different colors. When you find something that fits well, and looks good, you might as well have one for each day of the week.

The same holds true when it comes to K and gifts. Sure, there are a million things *I* would love to buy for her, but I know she'll never use them. Another little thing you have to get over when your child has the big A.

But, seeing her happily playing with something makes it worthwhile. My husband knowing we didn't waste a ton of money on stuff that will be lost forever in the playroom...priceless.

Playing with "Willa"

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  1. Ha! We are in the same boat with El Furby from Hell. :)