Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Be Kind To One Another

Sometimes I think the autism community looks for ways to be divisive. That all of the controversial topics we argue over aren't enough, and more gasoline needs to be added to an already out of control fire. That we need to call out each and every person who thinks differently than we do, or who wants to change something we don't personally care about. That there is only one way, or one blogger, or one organization to listen to, and everyone else has nothing important to say.

Being nice is hard. It just is. It's not in our nature to lift people up, or think before we speak. At least, it doesn't seem to be. If we are honest with ourselves, I think we'll agree how it easy it is to say something negative, than it is to be supportive. Easier to criticize, than find something kind to say. Sometimes we feel such a great pull to share our opinions, we don't stop and think if we'll be hurting someone in the process.

That is, if we even care.

The truth is, there isn't an "all knowing" person within the autism community. There is no one organization we need to follow like sheep. There are lots of different people, with lots of different opinions and ideas, and most of them deserve the same amount of respect as the next (I say most because there are certain things I am not OK with, and will never get behind. Things that hurt our kids, physically, or emotionally.)

The other day I wrote about the importance of reaching out to those you see in your daily lives, who might be struggling. Who might just need a friend. Who are so caught up in loss and fear and desperation, they can't see a way out. Or who are just having a tough day, and need to know one other person understands. If we aren't careful with our words, with what we put out on social media or our blogs, there is no hope we'll ever be a true community of support. There's little hope we'll even be seen as decent human beings, and not just an angry mob looking to pick a fight.

I urge you to just think for yourself, fight for what you believe in, and don't let anyone knock you down. There is no one cause greater than the next. No one person with all the answers. Don't be broken by those who call your fight wrong, or petty, or stupid. Don't let anyone trivialize your life, or the lives of your children.

Be strong.

Be supportive.

Be a friend.

Be kind.

We'll fight, not out of spite
For someone must stand up for what's right
'Cause where there's a man who has no voice
There ours shall go singing
My hands are small I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
But they're not yours, they are my own
I am never broken

In the end only kindness matters
In the end only kindness matters

                                          -Jewel (Hands)

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